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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of patients do you commonly see?

Given our location is on Snoqualmie Ridge, the top three most common issues we see in our practice are sports related injuries, heel pain, and toenail issues. We see lots of ankle sprains and heel pain from runners, hockey players and ice skaters because of the proximity to the Sno-King ice arena.

Do you offer custom-molded orthotics?

Yes. Depending on the style and type of orthotics that is right for you we do provide this. Our turn-around time between the time we mold your feet and when you receive them is approximately 2-3 weeks.

What is the out-of-pocket cash price for a consult?

If it is solely a consult and no procedure is done, it will generally cost you $135 for a 30-minute visit. However, if a procedure is needed during the initial consult it will vary from $135-$550.

For example: If you are a new patient and an ingrown toenail procedure is done, the estimated cash price is $300

Do you trim toenails for seniors?

We happily welcome seniors into our office and Dr. Nouv will care for the toenails herself. We understand that trimming toenails eventually becomes a difficult task for some. If appropriate, we will go through your insurance to have this covered. Dr. Nouv does see patients at a senior center once a month and is very familiar with aging feet.

How do you treat ingrown toenails?

We understand that the most difficult part when having an ingrown toenail is the injection. Dr. Nouv treats each patient as if they are 7 years old when it comes to numbing the foot. She uses a triple local anesthetic method where she uses topical, cold spray as well as the local injection to make the patient feel the least amount of pain during the procedure.

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